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Design Pack

Microsite with animations
Landing Page for a Catalog
Fish Lures Website
Your Town webiste included with direct mail campaign, brochure and postcards
Website Mockup for Zipline Company
Mobile Email Promotion
Email Promotion
Email Promotion
New Year Email Promotion
Your Town Direct Mail.
Safari Brochure Mockup
Fishing Lure Ad
Infographic Poster
Loyal Biscuit Brochure
Infographic Poster
Fishing Catalog
Apparel Catalog 90 pages
Cattle Tri Fold Brochure
Gift Catalog
Extra Pages and Table of Contents in Catalog
Promotional Video
Short Bumper
Education Video (recommend watching just a bit of the beginning)
Conference Video Outdoor Theme
Beach Promotion
Tailgating Photoshop Background and Retouch Models
Onset Shoot Models and Retouching
Supplied Image: Adding Backdrop
Onsite Shoot
Supplied Photo Retouch
Onsite Shoot
Supplied Image Photo Proposal for Jewelery Company

Digitally Exploring Design Since the 90s

design + digital + branding

White space* - the final frontier. My mission: To explore strange new design methods, to seek out original ideas, to boldly go against the template. A journey of exploring not just what is present but testing what else can be discovered.

Ok enough about that, I'm Star Schultz, a graphic and interactive designer. I have been working with the ambition to make functional and visually appealing designs that stand out from others. I've been trekking through the design world constantly learning new styles, new code and combining art into marketing.

I am currently available for new projects. I can assist with branding, print, email and websites. Relax, kick back and take a look around...


* White space - a designy term for the space not occupied by the text or images



Branding. Direct Mail. Catalog. Brochures. Logos. Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign


Emails. Websites. Banners. Proficient at Html5 and Css. Java script and Jquery experience.


Anything from watercolor to digital illustration. I work in many mediums. Photo retouching is one of my favorites.


From editing in Premier to complex animation in After Effects.

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